Hi there, I am a Colour Consultant working in interior design - which means that I help you choose paint colours and other colours in your home. I use a system of understanding undertones to ensure that everything works together nicely to create a cohesive, effortless colour palette.

If you’ve ever wondered why your kitchen just feels a bit off, or the living room hasn’t got quite the right feeling - it’s probably because you’ve got a mix of undertones and they are messing each other up. If your room doesn’t feel right, it’s probably because the colours are not right - with each other, or with some other fixed element in the room such as your tile or countertop.

Choosing the right neutral colour - grey/beige/greige/taupe/white - is one of the most difficult things to do using those tiny paint chips and you can go through dozens of tester pots and still not know which one to choose. My system of understanding colours makes those choices super simple - so drop me a note and let me help you make a decision quickly and easily.

If you’re installing a new kitchen or bathroom, the best time for me to help is before you make any of your fixed selections (tile, countertop, cabinets) as they also need to play nicely with each other. Once we have chosen the fixed selections then the paint colour is chosen to complement them and I will also give advice on selecting fabrics and soft furnishings as necessary.

Paint and tiles cost the same regardless of colour, but getting the colour right can have a real impact on the enjoyment of your home - so let me help you get it right!





Photo by Rachel Robena

Photo by Rachel Robena